The Seven Virtues Signature Wine Series

The Seven Virtues Signature Wine Series Logo, 2015

Designed for a marketing and branding class project. The purpose of this assignment was to design a series of wine that represented the Seven Heavenly Virtues.


The vineyard name is a small craft winery in Tampa, Florida. With their permission, I designed a series of seven signature wines that they ended up using in their brand. They have an edgy atmosphere around their usual branding, so I chose to incorporate a tattoo theme with symbols and iconography that still fit the brief of the class project. The colors chosen for each individual label relate to the research in each of the virtues.

Wine Labels

Charity, 2015

Faith, 2015

Fortitude, 2015

Hope, 2015

Justice, 2015

Prudence, 2015

Temperence, 2015