Hi, I'm Jennifer.

A recent graduate of Daemen University, I earned my BFA in Graphic Design in May 2022. My art and design has a fine art background based in advanced drawing. My experience with designing for clients goes back as far as 2007 when I was a licensed tattoo artist out of Niagara Falls, NY. I pride myself on taking someone's vision and making it come to life. 


I love traveling, even if it is just to the next town over. I am an urban observer, I look for the beauty in everyday surroundings. There are always hidden gems in places that we pass by on the day to day.


I experienced Graphic Design firsthand when completing an internship at a screen print shop and I fell in love with printing and logo design. It has spearheaded many of my class projects and independent study courses. My interest in sports, music, and theatre has also had a significant influence on what I create and present in personal pieces.


"Love the gift for the strong and sensible, it is what we all need and deserve. It is the energy that makes the world go round and the keystone of happiness. Carpe diem and no regrets! Every little thing I've done has made me who I am today. And every second I spend creating beauty makes me who I am tomorrow."

-Monica Henk