Social Design

The Student Debt Crisis, 2020

For a Social Design Project we were responsible for creating a piece of visual communication surrounding an assigned topic. We were to research each of the topics and design a poster with the first idea that came to mind. This was supposed to initially be a 12 piece project, however the Pandemic cut it to 9.


The topics that were assigned:

  • The Student Debt Crisis
  • Renewable Energy
  • Greta Thunberg
  • Science is Real!
  • Covid-19
  • Entanglement
  • Blue
  • Optimist Daily
  • Pay It Forward

Renewable Energy, 2020

Greta Thunberg, 2020

Science is Real! (The Big Bang v. Creationism), 2020

Covid-19 (Essential), 2020

Entanglement, 2020

Blue (Suicide Awareness), 2020

Optimist Daily, 2020

Pay it Forward, 2020